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It’s Wise to Invertise!!

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Curious aren’t you? What could we possibly mean when we say invertise. Maybe ‘in’, at the beginning might give it away but then again has there ever been outvertise? To answer that question, yes there is outvertising but we know it by a different name, that being advertising.


The difference between advertising and invertising

Traditionally, advertising focuses on utilizing various means to attract a potential customer to a product or service. This tactic or strategy has seen the success of many companies but with times changing and a new generation of consumers entering the market, a different form of ‘vertising’ is now rising to the fore. That form, is invertising. Invertising simply takes the reverse to that of advertising and places focus on the internal operations and components of the organization. Attention is given to areas such as human resources, strategy and day-to-day operations amongst other components with the aim of connecting the dots between the staff and the company’s direction. Simply put the concept of invertising turns a house in to a home. By this we mean it adds value beyond simply a salary, whereby employees begin to feel like a part of the organization and the functions of the various departments are such that they work harmoniously together towards achieving the company’s purpose and objectives.

"Simply put the concept of invertising turns a house in to a home."

Growth beyond sales figures

At Orinje Nation we believe wholeheartedly in the concept of invertising. Not just because it’s an interesting word which catches the attention, but because we have seen it work time and time again for our clientele. We have witnessed growth, beyond simple sales figures and watched as brands have developed with the ability to now hold their own across various competitive industries. We really mean it when we say It’s Wise To Invertise.

About Orinje Nation

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