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What's the deal with Guerrilla Marketing?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

When we hear the term ‘guerrilla’ the first thing that comes to mind is savage warfare. So then how can the two words ‘guerrilla’ and ‘marketing’ possibly come together to create anything good for your business? Although the word has been borrowed from the concept of civilian warfare, the only element of the meaning that was kept is the unconventional way of yielding results. Are you a small business looking for an advertising strategy that isn’t costly, yet will have customers entering your business in droves? Rest-assured that you have found your solution…that is, if you can pull it off.

First coined in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book titled ‘Guerrilla Advertising’ Guerrilla marketing is an advertising technique that is low-cost and unconventional yet yields incredible results. The idea is to surprise the customer to the point where they are so impressed, they not only check out the product advertised, but they tell their friends and family therefore generating a buzz. Most strategies of this kind employ reforming the environment the customer is accustomed to so that it incorporates the business’ brand. Of course, in creating a memorable moment that is both far-fetched and impressive, one must undergo careful planning while using a boundless imagination.

This isn’t new to this style of advertising. A lot of businesses on almost every corner have been doing it for years. Their exteriors maybe painted with illustrations of liquor brands and faces of people having a good time to the tune of a DJ spinning summer music. This is the ultimate form of guerrilla marketing. Except there’s one thing. Every business has been doing it for years! It’s to the point that others are expected to follow this trend of advertising. As outlined previously, the first rule of guerrilla marketing is to surprise the customer! There is no shock value in the expected.

It will certainly be a brain teaser trying to figure out the perfect guerrilla marketing strategy. Luckily, multiple companies have successfully undergone such strategies. Here’s a few that impressed us!

The concept was as unique as it was mind-boggling. The Nikon Corporation, best known for their cameras, left passer-by’s feeling admired as paparazzi seemingly snapped them as they walked by. Of course, this brought immediate attention to the advertisement.

This concept was fascinating. Found at a mall, persons who walk over the advertisement are perceived as fleas and ticks to persons on higher levels looking down. The Frontline Company took advantage of the environment, understanding that there is a constant flow of persons walking in that area. It also sends the clear message of what their brand incorporates; a company that specialises in getting rid of your pets’ pest problems. Most important of all, it is captivating as it is impressive.

Believe you can think of something just as amazing for your business? We dare you.